About us

SweetAlmond Pastry

SweetAlmond Pastry offers distinctive Almond based cookies. Exquisitely designed, our pastry will leave a lasting and joyful memory to whoever tries it.


What we offer

At SweetAlmond Pastry, we offer a variety of distinctive almond or nut based cookies. Our most popular are the French macarons and the Almond fruits. Our macarons come in different flavors. They are very cute, crunchy with naturally flavored fillings and they are gluten free. The other cookie which really makes our business stand out is our signature cookie: the Almond fruit cookie. It is a one of a kind cookie and our best seller. It may look like a regular fruit marzipan but it is way more delicate in structure and has a matchless flavor complexity. Our fruit cookies are meticulously handmade using our own, made from scratch almond paste. What makes them extra special is that they hide inside a delicious light vanilla cake filling. The combination is a burst of almond and vanilla flavor inside a soft melt in your mouth cookie. We do hope that through SweetAlmond cookies we can bring a pleasurable experience and happiness to whoever tastes them and we cannot wait to share it all with you!


A word from our Chef

I consider baking as an art. I am very meticulous and pay a lot of attention to details and to the aesthetic side. I have always dreamed of having my own pastry business/shop, but seeing the smile on people's face whenever they try my creations was the reason why I wanted to follow my dream. In 2007, I decided to launch SweetAlmond Pastry. I kept the business small because I had young kids. In the past two years however, and although the business is still home based and only serving the Atlanta area, SweetAlmond Pastry has been evolving and gaining more popularity and hopefully in the near future will ship throughout the US.